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Unlike many other services who put their shutters down, we don't. We are here to serve you 24/7. Call anytime!

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Had a bad experience having Furnace repair last time? Make this time the best of experiences by choosing us.

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Our certified technicians perform the most professional installation of your Furnace unit which ensures comfort

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Don't make replacement a deal of loss. Upgrade wisely by choosing the right Furnace replacement services

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Our Carrier Furnace Sales & Services

Why choose us, the Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services when there are several other HVAC services? Well, we deserve to be your trusted Carrier dealer because we are;
- Authorized
- Keep ourselves conformed with Carrier's set standards
- Have professional and NATE certified staff
- Have been in the service for years long
Whether you are looking for a smart purchase of Carrier Furnace for the first time, planning to upgrade your Carrier Furnace or are unsure what and what not to purchase, connecting with us will resolve your concerns. We are not only Carrier Furnace dealers, we are also its installers, repair techs and replacement guides. Try today! Read More

About US

Who are we?

Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. is proud to be among the leading HVAC services of GTA and takes pride in having served thousands of homeowners in over a decade of its service. Our motto is "comfort for all" and not just comfort, rather an affordable comfort. We have been making GTA homes comfortable regardless of seasons by providing homeowners with all kinds of HVAC solutions. Our services include;

Sales of Energy Star HVAC appliances

We know that along with your comfort, it is the comfort of mama Earth that matters. And that is why we deal only in Energy Star products that are most efficient functionally and least harmful with regards to eco-friendliness. Our offered appliances include;
- Split and Central Air Conditioners
- Gas and Electric Furnaces
- Tank and Tankless Water Heaters
- Programmable and Non-Programmable Thermostats
- HEPA Filters and Air Cleaners
- UV Lights and HRV Systems
- Simple and Combi Boilers
- Whole-home Humidifiers

Complete and compact HVAC Services

So we covered almost all of your HVAC needs? Not yet! You're done with the purchase but the installation, maintenance & repair and replacement worries are still there. Count till three and whoosh! Here's the solution; We offer all sorts of HVAC services among which our major services include;
- Air Conditioner installation, maintenance, repair and replacement
- Furnace installation, maintenance, repair and replacement
In addition to that, our technicians are skilled and certified to perform installation, maintenance and repair of all other HVAC appliances and units including, Water Heaters, Humidifiers, Boilers and others.
Before you think that's all, here's what more we have;
At Cosmopolitan Mechanical Services Inc. our priority is your comfort and that once you have relied on us for your HVAC needs, you don't have to contact any other services for any additional help. To have you covered, our other services include;
- Ductwork Installation & maintenance
- Duct Cleaning
- Duct Repair
- Home Insulation
- Fireplace Installation, maintenance and repair
- Gas pipeline installation, maintenance and repair

Seasonal Discounts and Protection Plans

Like we said, we don't just want the GTA homes to be comfortable, we also want the homeowners to be able to afford HVAC comfort. We want every homeowner, regardless of his budget constraints, to be able to enjoy all seasons and get the most efficient HVAC appliances installed at home. To make it possible, we offer seasonal discounts of up to 50% while we also have a Protection Plan that starts from as low as 13$/month. Subscribing to this plan, any GTA homeowner can enjoy discounted maintenance, repair as well as (part) replacement. We care for you and for your comfort!

It's time to get the most suitable Furnace unit installed at your home. Purchase from Cosmopolitan Mechanical and get it installed by Cosmopolitan Mechanical. That's when you'd know what home comfort really feels like.

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